Are You Ruining Your Career You Need To Read This Before

Before you click away, disappointed that I brought up something as practical and boring as time management, hear me out. My intent is not to crush your spirits.

A lot many times in our lives, we try to try new things, and that’s completely fine but we should not forget that those trials could also have negative impacts. So we ought to be wise enough before proceeding. 

Let’s understand this with an example. Once I was asked for some alternatives to being a self-taught musician by a music teacher. And how that conversation went on, you may read that here:

Hmm! A musician! moreover on that Self-Taught and 26 Years Old. Let’s say this in other words.

A 26 years old Young, Energetic, Self-Learner Expert with an Ability to influence others in order to make them interested in a particular topic in short a Good Influencer don’t want to be the same and wish to switch his/her lanes. Great! Let’s see the alternatives.

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Well! We are going to ignore this image that could become a reality one day, I am sure, but since we are discussing alternatives let’s have a look at the best options available.

The first thing is how do you see the career as? Are you ruining your career? For instance, let’s say a career is a place or a destination where somebody wants to go, but the question is where? We can choose it by seeing what we have since we are about to start a journey right! Let me try to point out some of your Skills and Abilities before we proceed further. But since no one can know you more than yourself, I insist you make a list for your own. And write everything you know about yourself, positive and negative both. So what do I know about you let’s see:

  • You are 26:

This means you are at a phase of your life where you can:

    1. Take risks,
    2. You are energetic
    3. Healthy
    4. Your brain functions well,
    5. Your memory is working fantastically.

This means you can rely on yourself when it comes to brain works.

  • You Are Self-Taught Musician:

Let’s divide the words and keep musician away for a while.

  1. You are Self-Taught. This means you can teach yourself. Now tell me when you decided to teach yourself music have you seen any card or report about your brain where it was written that your brain can only learn music on its own. I think NO. So, most probably it might have been this way, You got interested in music, you couldn’t find a teacher so you decided you learn it on your own and you nailed it because you said you’re a teacher.

So with self-learning ability, you achieved the position where you are confident that you can teach this skill to others and you can make them equally confident as you are. This tells me you can learn anything and not just learn, you can master anything. You should be thankful because not everybody gets this kind of master-skill. Yes, Including our generations Artificial Intelligent computers.

  • So you can self-learn. Great; Let’s see what else you got.

Um! You don’t want to keep teaching! You mentioned you don’t want to keep teaching but you may want to stick to the music, fantastic. Now the question occurs how much? How much do you like music? Do you love Music? Do you see yourself as a Musician in the near future or as a motivation for the music learners and beginners in the far future? Do you see it? If yes, let’s prepare a backpack and begin this journey! If your answer is ‘NOT REALLY’ we will discuss it’s alternatives later on.

So you have the required skill-set to get to your destiny, also you should keep this in mind as a fact that you will be needing a lot many other skills to actually get there, but the good thing is you are a self-leaner who can master anything. (You have already done it before)

Okay, now we need something to get there, kind of a vehicle or support or somebody who can take you there. Now the question is who?

Your fans right? You don’t have much at the moment I know. Um! Your followers, no I don’t think you have enough followers either, (Don’t get offended, we are all same).

So, let’s figure out how the people who are already at the place where you want to be someday got there? The quick answer is LOVE and Respect. Yes, only love can take you to those heights. But where are you going to find enough love and respect?

In this world, most of the love and respect we receive, directly come from our real followers and fans not from paid ones or from stalkers. And where do the real fans and followers come from? Dear, they are the ones who admire you.

Now, why would somebody admire you? Because you might be giving them a reason to live, or you are helping them change their lives. You are teaching them how to love your love. And what the world calls a person who does that, ‘A Teacher’.

So, how would you become a teacher? Hey, wait a minute, you said, “I’m a 26-year-old self-taught musician and now a music teacher. I don’t want to keep teaching. What are my options now?”

You are already at the place, where you can do all this.

See, you don’t need to find other options, you don’t need to look for the alternatives, what you really need to do is change your perception. You are not just a teacher, You are still a learner, who is in love with learning, who is in love with music. What you really need to do is increase the dose of that Love that you have for Music. Help others feel that love, And you will see the options coming towards you. Believe me eventually Only Your Love Can Take You To Your Real Destination.

That was quite lengthy to read han? But if I can write this long, you can give yourself enough time to think about you. Best of Luck 🙂

(And if your answer was no, and you don’t want to be with music anymore, you will find a lot many quora experts giving you hundreds of alternatives. But Be Wise Before You Choose One, always ask yourself before taking any decision, Are you ruining your career?