English Speaking Course For Housewives Complete Spoken English Syllabus For Housewives

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Introduction To English Language Course For Housewives

Housewives for always has been an important part of society and so the English speaking course for housewives. Being a housewife requires you to have the ability to understand English in order to read products descriptions while shopping, attend your child’s parent-teacher meeting, learn a new recipe from the internet, or manage your day-to-day tasks.

The ability to communicate in English makes you self-confident self-dependent. The world around you behaves positively. English is a language spoken on every continent. A language of the time. It is no longer a matter of choice but this Language has become the basic need of the hour. In order to survive in today’s world, knowing English and having the ability to communicate in it will never disappoint you. 

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How Spoken English Course For Housewives Work

This English speaking course for housewives helps you learn how to speak English. This course can be very beneficial for housewives who want to improve their communication skills. It can help you feel more confident when speaking with others, both in their personal life and in your professional life. 

We use state of the art techniques to train you:

  1. Focus on Day-to-day and advanced vocabulary
  2. Have special practice sessions to build confidence
  3. Group Discussions and Debates
  4. Individual Doubts Clearing Sessions

It is very true, whensoever housewives and ladies tried to come out from their comfort zones to learn something new, they always ended up improving their overall status both financially and socially.

Complete Spoken English Syllabus For Housewives

The spoken English syllabus for housewives is designed after proper research and development process to make the course easier for the housewives striving to learn spoken English. 

Here is the list of all the topics that come under the Spoken English Syllabus For Housewives

  • Listening: Listening to texts, listening to speeches, presentations Trials of a good listener. Interpretation of texts based on the question-answer. Interaction among students
  • The Pronunciation: Phonetic Symbols consonants & Vowels
  • Reading Skills: Techniques of reading. Reading comprehension of unseen pages, Identifying the context & the central idea
  • Vocabulary & word formation: From different texts & dictionaries, trending vocabularies, informal contractions, and slang.
  • Basic Grammar: Prescriptive/descriptive approaches grammatical – acceptability –appropriateness-grammar in context- grammar in spoken & written
  • Practice: Exercise on different grammatical constructions, Identification of the grammatical devices forms different texts like newspapers, poems, stories, etc. Identifying errors and omissions.
  • Words & phrases used for conversation: Making statements, questions, order & suggestions – denying –rejecting-disagreeing-possibility-ability, permission, obligations, etc. Understanding American English phrases and common idioms usage.
    • Dialogues
    • Public speech
    • Telephonic Conversation
    • Conversation as per situations
    • Job interviews
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Why Housewives Should Join English Speaking Classes

Housewives want to learn the English language for various reasons. Some of the reasons housewives should learn this language include: improving communication with their husbands, communicating with the world, and finding a new way to make money.

Contrary to popular belief, the art of being a housewife is indeed very much a profession. Like any type of profession, there are skills required to keep up with it. You certainly have some homework to do in this regard. Learn as many skills as you can! 

Do you want to be fluent in English and impress your husband/boss?

If you are facing problems like Grammatical Errors, Hesitation while speaking, lack of confidence in front of native speakers, lack of advance vocabulary, fear of attending Parents Teachers Meetings, Then this course is for you. 

Callens Institute has experienced educational changes directly and playing an important role to develop and introduce necessary changes to the education system for decades now. 


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Learning Benefits For Housewives

With a lot of effort put together a day in and out, with a team of many professionals the best-spoken course for housewives is designed. It’s not an exaggeration rather it’s an enthusiasm to make an extraordinary syllabus available to all the housewives. Once the housewives become perfect and fluent in the language, they can make new friends, have better relations with society, and can make good decisions. They can go abroad by qualifying for IELTS for higher studies. You will become more confident to visit your child’s parent-teacher meeting. You will feel confident to let your children take admissions in top-performing Schools.  For housewives, in today’s world, this language has become an essential part of life. Without English, you might be missing a lot of many opportunities. Most of them only appear once in your lifetime. 

1. Easier Spoken English Syllabus For Housewives:

Explore the easiest spoken syllabus we developed for housewives. Learn slowly but permanently with us without working hard to memorize the grammatical concepts. 

2. Read Better | Write Professionally | Speak Confidentially:

Work on your reading, writing, and speaking altogether with our most successful spoken English course for housewives. 

3. Communicate Effectively:

The effectiveness of your communication depends not only on the way you speak. Communication is a lot more than just that. With us understand the roots of effective communication and use it so that the world listens when you speak. 

English Speaking Gives You Success

Why Housewives Love Callens Institute


“I found this Institute the most promising and quality serving place”

Best Spoken English Course For Housewife. My aunt wanted to join English-speaking classes for housewives, and among many, I found this Institute the most promising and quality serving place. Callens Institute thank you so much for your kindness and for providing the best English learning environment.

Hardik Saxena (S/o Mrs. Reena) 

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Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

Best spoken English course for housewives I really love this institute I joined it to improve my English, Arpit sir teaches English very well, thank you. 

Seema Rudresh (Banglore, Karnataka) 


“Their teaching methods are totally unique and they know how exactly a lesson is taught”

I really love this institute, I joined it to improve my French Language but having joined it I realized that I should take part in English classes as well. Their teaching methods are totally unique and they know how exactly a lesson is taught to somebody who is learning something for the first time. Now I am planning to participate in SSC exams and I am confident that I will make it.

Vinod Bala (Noida, New Delhi) 

Other Benefits Of Joining English Speaking Classes For Housewives

1. Improve Your Overall Status

By joining spoken English classes, housewives have notices and overall growth and an improvement in their statuses. They are now feeling more confident both in terms of working and traveling not only in India but also to foreign countries. This course enabled them to be self-dependent and help their families when in need.

2. Trained Trainers

You are going to be trained with the trainers who are specially trained to train you. Sound like a tongue twister! Well, do you know that there are two approaches to learn something, one is hard-working and the other is smart-work. Our trainers are highly professional with the other one which is enabling you to memorize the concepts through smart work. That saves both your time and energy. 

3. Easier Syllabus

We understand that it must have been pretty long since you have studied English as a language or subject. Keeping this in mind the syllabus is designed in a way it becomes easier to understand and simpler to apply in your daily routine communication. 

4. English Environment

The most threatening hindrance in your way towards fluent English Speaking is the absence of an English Environment. Yes, we live in a non-native English Speaking country in the world, and we lack an English-speaking environment in most of the places. Maybe because of Indian Diversity. We have more than 1800 local languages, though. So you get an environment created like a replica of English Speaking Countries to give you a real experience and to help you overcome your hesitation. 

5. Attend Parents-Meetings

English speaking classes for housewives are becoming crucial these days. Like any other profession, to master each aspect of it, you need to be a pro. In today’s day-to-day life learning English Speaking Classes For Housewives is like adding a new flower to your pot. It is going to give you self-confidence and you can perform various tasks more efficiently and helps you become an English Housewife. Whether it is about visiting your child’s parent-teacher meeting or hiring a new trainer for them, English housewives always take it as an opportunity. Whether it is about learning a new skill from the internet which is flooded with the English Language or showing your own talent, our English Speaking course would never let you down. Although there are tons of English courses for housewives, we suggest you Join the Best Spoken English Course For Housewives. 

6. Take-Home Tuitions

This course will not only enable you to speak better English but you will also be able to teach your children at home. You do not have to go through the traditional way of learning English Speaking where trainers forced you to learn complicated grammatical concepts. Rather our syllabus is more focused on the Spoken Part and easy-to-use English. There is not a single reason for you to procrastinate, join an English Speaking course for housewives and see the positive differences yourself. 

7. Practical Learning

Now, you are well known, that the standard of those schools is so high that in order to help our children we have to pay almost equal amounts to the tuition teachers. Spoken English Classes for housewives can really help you with this. Housewife course not only enables you to understand their syllabus and teach them yourself, but you would also be able to visit their parents-teacher meeting and talk to the teachers about your child’s education and progress confidently. If you are afraid and hesitant to join English Speaking Course for Housewives, it may interest you to know that trainers nowadays are very supportive and are specially trained to teach housewives. 

8. Affordable Price

The best investment is investing in learning skills, that will be beneficial for your present life as well as going to help you in your future. This investment will shape your future and your reality in return. As you are aware that English is the need of time, you are going to find it everywhere, including your job, your personal groups, in your country, on the internet, and in your children’s lives. So learning the English language could be the best investment in your life. Invest when the prices are affordable and worth it. 

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What Experts Say About Spoken English Course For Housewives

Housewives all across the globe have been noticed, learning new recipes, exploring home decoration ideas, and other home-management skills. but this is not the end where you can draw the line. Your home-making profession also requires you to attend a few meetings, learn new skills from the internet, and support your family when in need. English for housewives is as crucial as other homemaking skills. – Mr. Anil, Director (Callens Inc.)

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“Get one-to-one classes for straight 7 days to build up your confidence”

Join today and get a bonus of joining one-to-one classes from your trainer for straight 7 days to feel more confident before joining group discussions and debates. Hone your speaking skills with your trainer with no else you divert you from your target. Fill the form today and take a free trial class. 

English Speaking Course For Housewives Details

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Why Callens Institutes' Spoken English Course is the First Choice

There are many courses available for housewives. However, not all courses are the same. Some courses are better than others. How can you be sure that you are getting the best course for your needs?
One way to find the best course is to ask other housewives for recommendations. Ask your friends, neighbors, or colleagues which courses they took and whether they were happy with the results.
Another way to find the best course is to research different courses online. Read reviews and compare different programs.
Finally, when people are done with research they contact Callens Institute and ask them for their recommendations. We have experience with many different courses and can help you find the best one for your needs. 

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