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You may have been into awkward situations where unlike you everybody is speaking the English language like a native speaker and this must be why you are looking for an online English-speaking course in Delhi. 

Many times, you have tried to search How to learn English speaking at home It’s always embarrassing when somebody asks you a question and you don’t understand it. Not just because you cannot understand the English language but because they are using different accents making it difficult for you to catch the word. 

The time has come to learn the English language free, some skills and tricks to sound like a Native English Speaker. Believe me! It’s easier than you think.

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Online EnglishSpeaking Course In Delhi- If you are fond of reading online blogs or learning through the internet, you may also know that the vast majority of blogs are in the English Language.

To understand everything specifically you need a good command of the English Language.

The Online Spoken English Course (Delhi) has been designed by our expert mentors in such a way that it is going to help you increase your ability in digital literacy. Now you can also join Online English Classes.


Students Enrolled

6 Weeks

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Introducing The Most Successful Online English Speaking Course in Delhi

Study Anytime, Anywhere, Enjoy Real-Time Courses and develop your Spoken English Skills in Real-Time, Less Theory and More Practical, enjoy your class based on English Speaking Activities to enable you to use what you are learning, Participate in Group Discussions and Debates when you feel comfortable to increase your fluency and to learn new vocabs. 

Whether you like American, British, or any other accent, our experts will guide you through your journey

1. Increased ability in digital literacy: The culmination of all these advantages results in one last benefit: an increased ability in digital literacy. Because of these quickened mental abilities, individuals who are multilingual have a noticeable ability to stay up-to-date with modern technologies. If you are planning to join any course online, spoken English becomes your first priority.  We all know that today anybody can learn almost anything or everything through the Internet. You’ll find tons of the best english speaking institutes in Delhi.

2. The ability to communicate Globally: The main benefit a person gains when committing to learning English (or any language) is the ability to communicate with the language itself and create connections with a wider range of the world’s population.

3. Enhanced Vocabulary: Enhanced Vocabulary is like adding colours to your paintings, the actual ornamentation comes from learning English vocabulary. Speak English Confidently, and understand US cultures to adapt to English Speaking Environment Easily and Quickly.

What Our Students Say

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“The callens institute was one of the best investments of my life”

The callens institute was one of the best investments of my life. Here great atmosphere to learn English and a good opportunity to develop communication skills. I really enjoyed it. So thanks to the callens team. 

Siddhartha Kushwaha (Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh)

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“The teachers here are fantastic.”

Best Place to Learn the English Language &; Not Just English, Here You can learn the way of talking, disciplines, good rites & in the case of English, the teachers here are fantastic.

Yogesh Shivhare (Uttar Pradesh) 

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“Amazing teachers, the well-thought syllabus that covers basics to advanced concepts”

If you want a head start on your English-speaking career, this is the place. It gives you a comfortable environment to overcome your hesitation and start practicing freely. Amazing teachers, the well-thought syllabus that covers basics to advanced concepts is what the institute is about.

Anu Gupta (Tilak Nagar, New Delhi) 

Know More About English Speaking Course In Delhi Complete Online English Speaking Course in Delhi

girl showing english speaking course in delhi with a message saying ace the ielts

The best investment is investing in learning skills, that will be beneficial for your present life as well as going to help you in your future. This investment will shape your future and your reality in return.

As you are aware of the fact, that English is the need of time, you are going to find it everywhere, including your job, your personal groups, in your country, on the internet as well as in your children’s lives. So learning the English language could be the best investment in your life. 

If you work on all the skills that will be mandatory in the upcoming years, they will cost you around 25,000/- but with Callens Institutes‘ Online English Language course those are also unlocked for you for around Rs. 2,000 /month

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“Get one-to-one classes for straight 7 days to build up your confidence”

Join today and get a bonus of joining one-to-one classes from your trainer for straight 7 days (apart from your regular English speaking course in Delhi fees) to feel more confident before joining group discussions and debates. Hone your speaking skills with your trainer with no else you divert you from your target. Fill the form today and take a free trial class. 

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English Speaking Course in Delhi For Rs. 2,596/- (Save Rs. 20,500/-) Lowest English Speaking Course in Delhi Fees

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English Grammar


Rs. 4,000/-

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Rs. 2,500/-

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Writing Skills


Rs. 2,000/-

English Accent training practice in delhi

Accent Training

Callens A. Axen

Rs. 1,500/-

Group Discussion Going on in an english speaking in delhi

Group Discussions


Rs. 1,500/-

Bonus Included In The Package

English speaking course including interview preparation course as bonus

Interviewing Skills

Callens A. Axen

Rs. 2,000/-

English speaking course in delhi organising Public Speaking Training In English

Public Speaking

Callens A. Axen

Rs. 3,500/-

Personal Growth sessions for english speaking course learners

Personal Growth

Callens A. Axen

Rs. 1,500/-

other skills with english speaking course in delhi

Skills Development


Rs. 2,500/-

Amount You Pay Others Outside Callens

Rs. 20,500/-

“When a man cannot choose, he ceases to be a man.”
― Anthony Burgess, A Clockwork Orange

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You Don’t Have to Make Up Your Mind Just Yet.

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Complete your Free Registration Process, and take free Demo Classes. If you’re not overjoyed with your English language classes you can cancel your trial anytime. English Speaking Classes Online has been designed for students with no prior knowledge of English, or those who have had two years or less of high school English.

What You Get:

  • 3 Months/ 90 Lessons
  • Meeting Skills
  • Accent Training
  • Practice Tests After Each Lesson
  • Speaking Practice Groups
  • Access To Group Discussions And Debates
  • Public Speaking Training
  • Interview Preparation
  • Certificate On Course Completion

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Rs. 21,000/-

Rs. 3,650 + 3,650 /-

Rs. 488/- OFF If paid in Two Installments 

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