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Learn the Chinese language with lessons made by real teachers.

In this course, you are going to learn the Chinese language from scratch also if you have learned it before, you are going to refresh your vocabulary and expressions. You don’t need any prior knowledge of the Chinese language to start this course. This course has been specially designed for students who wish to learn Chinese in a simple and easy way.

After completing this course, you’ll be able to communicate effectively and effortlessly in Chinese while traveling, working, studying, or living in China. Not only, people who want to take the exams, but this course is also a great fit for all Chinese language learners, 

You are going to gain confidence in using the Chinese language words and phrases.

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Students taking this course will be offered the required study materials to work on their spoken Chinese. This course involves the use of simplified Chinese characters along with vocabulary. After each lesson, a short mock test is organized to help you get feedback on your progress.cHere you will learn the broad use of vocabulary and will start speaking by using small phrases initially and then mastering the fluent Chinese Conversation. 

This course provides you with insights into Chinese culture and its influence on the language for better understanding. 


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Introducing The Most Loved German Language Course For Aspirants

Students who are aspiring Chinese learners with a basic or no prior knowledge of the language and wish to work on their fluency and understanding of the commonly spoken Chinese Language. If you are regularly interested in or are going to interact with native Chinese speakers can benefit from this course. People who wish to travel to or live in China, study, or work in Chinese companies can also enroll in this course. 

1. Free Trial Classes: Now before you make up your mind, take free trial classes to be more satisfied with what you are going to learn. Discuss your goals in a one-to-one meeting with our highly professional German Language Trainers before you start. 

2. Certified Trainers: Your trainers are highly professional well certified. They will not only guide you in your German Langauge but will also mentor you in terms of your future and your aims. 

3. Highly Affordable: The system has been designed in such a way that it offers you the language course by charging a bare minimum amount. It never means that the quality is compromised. Callens Institute has always been with students and aspirants which is the reason we make all our courses highly affordable. 

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“Whenever you need their support, their teachers are there for you”

We felt at home here. Teachers are very helpful and available for you through WhatsApp even after your classes. Whenever you need their support, their teachers are there for you. It’s the fastest growing institute in Delhi, and much better than other old ones. Love their activities and way of injecting lessons. This is going to be the best institute in Delhi and within a year the best institute in India. Everybody must try their free demo class at least once in a lifetime.

Milind Saxena (New Delhi, Delhi) 


Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality,

This Institute helped me to build my good career. Thanks a lot.

Nisha (New Delhi, Delhi) 


“It brings all students to a bright and successful future”

I’m so fortunate that I got a chance to join the callens institute. and I hope all of you would join the callens institute, it brings all students to a bright and successful future thank you Arpit sir and callens institute.

Vinay Sagar (Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh) 

What You'll Get

1. Chinese language words and sentences

Get invaluable insights into the Chinese characters, words, and sentences used in either everyday conversation or you’re higher studied or for business purposes.  

2. Read Mandarin Chinese characters

Develop the ability to flawlessly read Chinese language characters and impress the native Chinese speakers with your fluency. This course offers you the ability to easily and effortlessly read Chinese characters to understand the meaning of the text and expressions. 

3. Conversation in Mandarin Chinese

Along with reading, you are going to develop a valuable skill and ability to communicate in Chinese as perfectly as natives speakers do. Whether you are taking classes in a Chinese university, taking a meeting in a Chinese organization, or communicating with your Chinese neighbors, this course will make you perfect to communicate effectively in all situations. 

4. Choose From Online/ Offline

Study schedules are designed to suit everyone’s convenience and comfort. You may choose between online and offline batches based on what suits you best and rest assured of the quality of education you will be provided with. Our teachers are well experienced with both Online and Offline modes. Take a free trial to know more… 

The Most-Promising Syllabus Complete Chinese Language Syllabus For Students


This Chinese Language course is designed for everyone that wants to learn Chinese in a practical and easy way,  for everyone who wants to learn a new language or wants easy and joyful ways to learn Chinese. 

People who wish to work with Chinese people and in Chinese companies and want to understand more about Chinese people and their culture and speak in a way that Chinese people could comprehend easily can take benefit from this course. 

    • Students are given a basic understanding to express his/her feelings, opinions, and needs in the Chinese language. Students are going to get the ability to understand common and simple expressions and sentences. Learners of this level will become able to introduce themselves effectively. 

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Join today and get a bonus of joining one-to-one classes from your trainer for straight 7 days to feel more confident before joining group discussions and debates. Hone your speaking skills with your trainer with no else you divert you from your target. Fill the form today and take a free trial class. 

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